Like any other technology depends on it’s developer community to take it forward and spread the word of how the technology has helped them in achieving the goals for the business task implementation. Mulesoft is no different than this, The Champions program that Mulesoft has is perfectly targeted to do this, To motivate developers to learn more and share more and to get some awesome mulesoft swag in the process.

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As a developer we get caught in the daily developers activity and sometimes don’t get time to do what we developers do the best, Learn new things and share those with our fellow dev’s.

Champions program of Mulesoft is a point based system where we are awarded points to do various activities, some of them are targeted for your inner blogger and some are targeted towards the tutorial maker in us and quite a few are just for the learning purpose like reading about “How To’s” and some are for sharing what we see on SNS’s.

To name a few of challenges

  • Write A Book
  • Share Your Knowledge with a Video Tutorial/ How-To
  • Become an MCD – Connector Specialist
  • Daily Challenge: Be our Twitter hero and share with your friends
  • Write a Blog Post about MuleSoft or RAML on DZone, InfoQ or CodeProject
  •     Quiz Time! What do you know about MuleSoft’s File Connector?

These are just a few of the challenges available in the champions program, With every challenge completed we are given points that we can use to get some awesome mulesoft swag or to get free vouchers for certification or to attend trainings provided by mulesoft.

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On top of all this comes the satisfaction of seeing your self rising the ladder of community board and getting some awesome badges on the Champions program

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With every point you earn and every challenge you complete you gain the level of status move towards becoming the champion of champion. So the key is to write blogs and create tutorial videos and to do all the challenge that you can get.

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Not about quantity, All about QUALITY

But if we are really serious about learning and gaining something from this champions program than the suggestion is to create something that gives us the chance to learn and share our knowledge with others.

With this note I hope to see you all there. Let’s keep rocking our dev community and let’s all move forward together.