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Growing Community – Mule Dev’s

Like any other technology depends on it's developer community to take it forward and spread the word of how the technology has helped them in achieving the goals for the business task implementation. Mulesoft is no different than this, The Champions... Continue Reading →


Control Your Mule with MMC – Deploy

In my previous blog I showed how to setup MMC (Mule Management Console) to do management of your mule runtime servers. In continuation of it, Today I will be showing how to Deploy a mule application using MMC to mule... Continue Reading →

Control Your Mule with MMC

Let me first start by saying that I just simply love the name people at Mulesoft decided to have for their product MULE, It is so good and you can have so much pun with it, Thats how I came up... Continue Reading →

Power of Transformation Part III – Filtering

In continuation of my previous blog about dataweave in mule esb, I will be writing today about Filters in dataweave. If you are interested in reading about previous blog's you can read them here The Power of Transformation, Part I:... Continue Reading →

SSL Your API’s – Mule ESB

In my previous blog I showed you how to create a self signed certificate for your SSL api. you can watch the video at and read the blog here In this blog I will be showing how you can... Continue Reading →

Self Sign HTTPS Certificate [Video]

When doing development for your API's, you may want to test your API on HTTPS and not always you have luxury of using signed certificates for your API company URL's. In those moments creating a Self Signed Certificate for your... Continue Reading →

Scatter-Gather Mule ESB

Scatter-Gather is a routing message processor in mule ESB runtime that sends request message to multiple targets concurrently. It will then collect the responses from all routes and aggregate them back into single response. Pre Scatter-Gather there was All message processor, which... Continue Reading →

The Power of Transformation : Part 2

In continuation of my previous blog regarding Dataweave in Mulesoft Anypoint platform where I gave a introduction about canonical format of dataweave transformation engine, I will be writing about some more features and functions available in dataweave, You can read... Continue Reading →

SOAP consumer in Mule ESB runtime

In my previous blog I covered how to create SOAP web-service , in the blog I showed how mule runtime uses CXF component to expose code first soap web-service. You can watch the video tutorial of previous blog below. In... Continue Reading →

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